FP7 logo euThe ESNATS project has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° HEALTH-F5-2008-201619

Embryonic Stem cell-based Novel Alternative Testing Strategies

Partners: The Automation Partnership (Cambridge) Limited (TAP)

The Automation Partnership (Cambridge) Limited (TAP)The Automation Partnership (TAP) is based in the UK, employs ~180 people, and is a major provider of automated equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. TAP specialises in supplying solutions that industrialise complex laboratory processes, such as those involved in genomics, drug discovery and high throughput biology. TAP is a world leader in developing automated mammalian cell culture systems, and has supplied over 150 cell culture systems since 1989. These are used for therapeutic protein production, to provide cells for R&D and high throughput screening, and for cell-based regenerative medicine therapies, including autologous therapies. TAP's role in this project will be to contribute to the development of methods for automating stem cell culture and the scale up of stem cell production and cell banking. TAP will bring expertise in: process analysis, process optimisation for scale up, automation of mammalian cell culture, design and development of automated equipment (hardware and software) for aseptic processing, automated liquid handling.

Key staff involved in the project

Rosemary DrakeRosemary Drake, Dr, Chief Scientific Officer, has a degree in Biochemistry and a D.Phil, both from Oxford University. She has spent over 18 years working in the area of life science automation. She has been responsible for originating a number of TAP's cell culture systems including SelecT, Cello and Piccolo and initiating a number of collaborative projects in regenerative medicine and stem cells. She has worked at TAP since the company was founded, and previously worked in other technology companies and at Unilever Research.

Further information: www.automationpartnership.com

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